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Wayback Wednesday – Thumbprint Trios

December 22, 2010

Today we are going back to 2007 again – it was a very good year! And apparently I was sitting around days before Christmas with everything wrapped and baked and ready to go and I wrote this post about these fabulous cookies from Gourmet magazine. This post originally appeared on Valley Victuals on December 22nd!

Sorry it has been quiet around here, but ’tis the season. I’ve been a little too busy to blog and you’ve probably been too busy to read it anyway, right? So, we’re cool, right?

And now it is Saturday, and now you really, really probably aren’t reading. I never post anything new on Saturday. And, it’s three days before Christmas. (Is that right? Should I say three days, including today? Or is it two days, really? Shouldn’t we always indicate if we are including the present day when we say things like that? Or is that just me being too anal again?) So, just a few mere days before Christmas, who has time to sit around writing or reading blogs?

Well, I guess I do. Don’t hate me because I am efficient. All of my gifts are purchased and wrapped. I am not hosting Christmas dinner, so I am not in a mad dash to prepare for that. I just need to make a dessert and perhaps a side dish to bring along. Tonight I have a party to go to, but I have already made some tabouli to bring along. So, I have a little time to kill.

Maybe you don’t have time to kill but you are frantically searching the old interwebs for some pretty Christmas cookies to bring to a party or leave out for Santa Claus. Well, I’ve got you covered!
I made this recipe from Gourmet for Thumbprint Trios and they are gorgeous. And, they are very easy to make.

That’s all of the ingredients right there. Flour, sugar, egg, vanilla, and butter for the dough and three jams for the filling. That’s it! This recipe is off to a good start. The dough came together easily in my stand mixer and just needs to be chilled for a little while before it is ready to play.

Kids would probably enjoy helping with this one. I know I enjoyed rolling up tiny teaspoon-sized balls of dough, flattening them, sticking them together in groups of three, and then poking them with the handle of my potato masher. I even got all rebellious and made a few stop signs in lieu of pyramids.

Filling the little tiny dents with a little tiny amount of jam, though, is a little more painstaking of a process and is probably a better job the supervising adult, or perhaps an artistic and meticulous teenager.

Look how pretty! They are ready to bake.

And twenty minutes later, they are still pretty! And delicious. I’m hoping if I leave a few of these out, Santa might see fit to leave me that ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid.
Merry Christmas and I hope you all get what you want this year!

(p.s. – I did get that ice cream maker attachment. Now if Santa is looking for more ideas, the pasta attachment would be pretty cool! – J.A. 12/22/10)

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  1. December 22, 2010 1:47 pm

    Cookies with jam. Always a good combination Jennifer.

  2. December 22, 2010 7:47 pm

    These look lovely! And I see that you baked them after putting in the jelly like you said on my post last week. 🙂 I’ve never tried that before, but they look delicious to me – I’m sure I would love them either way!

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