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Photo Challenge – Autumn 2010

November 23, 2010

Once again, it is time for one of Scott’s challenges over at Views Infinitum.  And I like this one – nice and wide open!  Autumn is a beautiful time of year and I think I got a few decent shots with my little point-and-shoot this season.


Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers in no small part because they look beautiful from the time they bud till they dry out.


I thought this tree in my neighbor’s yard looked rather grand from across our fence.


This is not even remotely a typical sight in New England in November, but I found this petunia pushing its way through the fallen leaves in my garden on November 13th, so I had to include it.


We traveled to Cooperstown, NY in early October and stayed on the shores of Lake Otesaga. I thought these leaves floating on the water were pretty.


Another view of Lake Otesaga

IMG_1477 edited

This was a lucky shot taken from a restaurant on the shore of the lake at sunset, right through the window. I didn’t touch up this photo for color at all.


And last, I have to include a picture of Ozzie, who just got done rolling in the leaves and has quite a few stuck to his fur.

Another fun challenge, Scott! I look forward to the next.

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  1. November 23, 2010 2:11 am

    I think I’ve commented before on how lovely the Lake Otesaga shots are. I can’t believe the petunia! How funny is that to be finding its way out in November. I think I have lilac tree buds, and I’m pretty sure I saw some daffodils trying to poke throught the dirt when I did my raking. Strange weather year it has been.

    • Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) permalink*
      November 23, 2010 2:18 am

      I did post them previously on Facebook. Had to pull them out again for this post!

  2. November 23, 2010 2:11 am

    I’m trying to pick a favorite here, but it’s difficult. I actually love the light in the one through the restaurant window! Serendipity! The picket fence in the foreground and the yellow tree behind is glorious. That said, Ozzie is pretty darn cute – what breed of dog is he? His little face is adorable. I read your posts as far as the Chocolate Biscotti and had to stop and go get myself a snack! (Unfortunately, no biscotti!)

    • Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) permalink*
      November 23, 2010 2:21 am

      Thanks for your comments, Barb! Ozzie is a Cavachon – half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Bichon Frise. He’s generally a very good boy and has quite a personality!

      Ah, yes – the “bread” part of Bread and Putter tends to get a little more attention than “putter.” I do enjoying puttering around with my little camera though, food or anything else. 🙂

  3. November 23, 2010 5:23 pm

    Lucky shot? I don’t think so. Your photographer’s eye keeps getting better and better, Jen. Hey, you were in my neck of the woods. Cooperstown is only two hours from me.

  4. November 24, 2010 2:06 am

    Thank you very much, Scott! Cooperstown was 2.5 hours plus for us but worth the trip.

  5. November 25, 2010 12:44 am

    The pictures are beautiful! That lake, oh what a wonderful place to stay! And yes, that is one cute doggie!

    • November 26, 2010 6:53 pm

      Thank you, Robin! The lake + the baseball hall of fame made for a lovely weekend away.

  6. November 25, 2010 12:02 pm

    Very nice photos, Jennifer, your autumn scenery looks a lot the same as what I´m seeing here. The lake sunset photo is beautiful.

  7. November 25, 2010 7:30 pm

    Wow, very pretty! The sunset is my favorite. Very nice for a point and shoot!

    • November 26, 2010 6:56 pm

      Thank you – I have been very happy with this camera so far. It’s a Canon and it is a nice size too – small enough to carry anywhere, but not so small I can’t use the controls or like I feel like I am going to crush it. 🙂

  8. November 28, 2010 2:11 pm

    Bravo for this wonderful series of images of your Autumn ! I would not know which one I prefer 🙂 They are all lovely in their own style and mood. Ozzie´s bright look is so cute !

  9. December 1, 2010 1:43 pm

    WOW, #6 is gorgeous!!! 4 & 5 are favorites, too!

  10. December 2, 2010 6:59 am

    The lake at sunset shot is gorgeous! It looks like Ozzie was having fun with the leaves. 🙂


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