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Asparagus School

June 4, 2010

During this graduation season, I didn’t want to feel left out so I went to school and got myself a PhD in asparagus!  Okay, fine… it wasn’t actually a PhD, but I did go to the Asparagus Festival class at Different Drummer’s Kitchen in Northampton.  Ms. KillerCoconut and I went together and everyone in the class was given their own fresh bunch of Hadley asparagus – the best asparagus in the world, ya know.  And from there, it was a whirlwind of asparagus! 

my bunch of spears

We were all instructed to snap the ends off our stalks which were collected to make one of the dishes – cream of asparagus soup.  While the soup simmered and smelled delicious, we got to start with a simple preparation – steamed asparagus with lemon parsley mayonnaise.  The mayo was lovely – reminiscent of the classic asparagus pairing, hollandaise sauce.

Next up was the soup – it was creamy and full flavored and so very savory and it was such a very big bowl and I ate the whole thing!  And I’d do it again.

grilled with sesame noodles

Pictured above is grilled sesame asparagus.  It was served with ramen noodles, flavored with the same marinade the asparagus was in with soy sauce, brown sugar and red pepper flakes.  Delightful!

asparagus, ham & goat cheese tart

After the nice light dish with the noodles, we were in for more richness with this ham, goat cheese and asparagus tart.  The burst of flavor from the goat cheese took me by surprise.  I love goat cheese and I really enjoyed this tart, but I do think the asparagus flavor was overwhelmed by the cheese.

maple roasted

The last dish of the evening unfortunately just didn’t work for me – maple roasted asparagus.  To me, those two flavors just don’t mingle very well.  No matter – it wasn’t like I hadn’t gotten my fill of super tasty asparagus!  And, not only did we get to take home the rest of our bunches of asparagus, we also each constructed and took home a mini tart.  I ate mine for lunch today:


Isn’t it cute?  The dough was frozen Goya empanada dough, which I had never used before.  Interesting texture – a lot more elastic than a typical pie dough.

Here’s something about asparagus – apparently it metabolizes fast.  Those special effects it can produce?  Umm, yeah – experienced that immediately after class and again after lunch today!   Yes, you are welcome – aren’t you glad I shared? 

Up next – what I made with my bunch of asparagus!


JenniferA, PhA DD AA MA  (or something)

4 Comments leave one →
  1. LeighG permalink
    June 4, 2010 9:04 am

    It looks like it was a fun class! I wish I lived closer so I could have joined you guys!

    Will you be posting the recipes?

  2. Renae permalink
    June 4, 2010 10:25 pm

    Dude…please tell me you’re going to try an asparagus and feta cheese omelet. They are sooooo good. The perfect pairing for omelet fillings.

    Hey!, then you will have the added bonus of covering all three meals with asparagus and have stinky pee 24/7.
    No, YOU’RE welcome!

    • June 6, 2010 4:15 pm

      Ooo, no, I didn’t make that but it does sound good!! I’ll have to try that sometime, stinky pee or not!

  3. June 4, 2010 10:58 pm

    TMI! TMI!

    Your pictures make me wish I like asparagus. I suppose its possible that I just haven’t tasted good, fresh asparagus but….just can’t get excited about it.

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