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Mi Tierra Restaurant

March 9, 2010

Last week, I met friends for dinner at Mi Tierra Restaurant in Hadley.  I was the first to arrive so I got the dish of housemade chips and green salsa to myself, bwah ha ha!

When my friends arrived, I did finally come around to sharing.  We ordered fried plantains to start.

They aren’t particularly photogenic, are they? What they lacked in good looks, they made up for in sweet, fried goodness. The sauce they were served with didn’t have much to offer though. It didn’t have much flavor and we really weren’t quite sure what it was.

And to make sure we got our recommended daily allowance of fried foodstuffs, we also orderd fried yucca, which was much prettier.

I heard that the soft tortillas at Mi Tierra were also housemade and delicious, so for my dinner I ordered tacos.  I went with the shrimp and vegetable for something different that I wouldn’t have at home.  I have to agree that the tortillas themselves were fantastic.  As for my filling selection, it was alright.  I like a nice crunchy steamed vegetable as much as the next guy, but I guess not so much in my taco.  I would have preferred them softer, particularly the peppers which would have been so much better fried.

Here’s Jennifer Myszkowski posing with her burrito and all is right with the world!

I should have ordered what Pat orderd – spicy pork tacos! Mmmm… look at that filling.  It looked so moist and… cooked! 

And while for the most part we all enjoyed our food, there were definitely some issues.  The service was very slow – it took a very long time to get our check and even longer to get it back when one of us used a credit card.  And then there was our table.

I don’t know if you can make this out in the picture, but instead of legs, our table was on a sort of pedestal.  There was maybe six inches of leg room between the edge of the table surface and where the pedestal began.  I’m only 5’4″ and I was cramped.  I suppose a taller person could back further away from the table, but if I did that, my arms wouldn’t reach the table very well. 

Service and discomfort aside, I think I still might be willing to try Mi Tierra again and get some of that spicy pork – that looked totally worth it!

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  1. karma permalink
    March 10, 2010 8:41 pm

    that green salsa is kind of odd looking – was it spicy? Although I am a fan of seafood, I’ve never been able to get behind seafood tacos, but I must say the pork ones lood tasty!

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