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New York, Part 1

October 13, 2009

I hope everyone had a great weekend – I did!  We drove down to see friends in New York and went to an Army football game at West Point on Saturday and went into New York City for the day to see a show on Sunday. 

Of course, where there’s football, there’s tailgating!

Okay, so we’re not exactly experts at this.  There was no hibachi, no sausages, burgers or dogs.  And that pretty fall tablecloth just kept flapping like crazy in the wind.  But!  Since it was morning, we started out a little brunchy with some pumpkin apple bread, bloody marys, and hot apple cider with Captain Morgan.  From there, we moved on to chips, crackers, cheese, sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies.

With full bellies, we boarded the shuttle from the parking area to the stadium.  West Point is situated on a hill, high above the Hudson River and the views this time of year are fantastic.

I have to admit, I’m not a big football fan, but I did enjoy the opening pageantry.

And, Army beat Vanderbilt in overtime, which I guess was exciting, if you like that sort of thing! Personally, I prefer the sort of thing we did on Sunday. We took the train into the city and got there in time to get in line at the TKTS half price ticket window. It was tough deciding which show see – you don’t know the price of any given show until you get to the window, or whether they will still have tickets or at least enough tickets for your group. However, we couldn’t have been more pleased with our last minute choice – Memphis.

I don’t get to see many shows, so they all seem pretty exciting to me, but I really thought it was excellent.  It is new, and is still in fact in “previews”, with its official opening on October 18th.  So, we got to see the original cast and frankly I thought they kicked ass.  I laughed, I cried, it had it all.

Coming soon – my dinner review. But first, we have some business to finish. The deadline for the caption contest is tonight at midnight!  Oh my goodness, the entries have been great!  It’s been so much fun reading them.  It is going to be a tough decision, but I will persevere and announce a winner tomorrow night.  Stay tuned!

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